Saturday, August 22, 2009

Five Minus Four Equals Zero

Thursday, August 20th, - SLAM!Sports:
"You got Mitchell,
you've got Stajan,
you've got Primeau,
you've got Wallin, you've got Grabovski... You look at the list of centres, it means someone is going to be sitting next to me on opening night."


  1. Primeau sticks, Mitchell or Grabbo slips to the wing. Oh, the soccer ball of truculence claims another Stajan eyeball - BTD

  2. i absoltutly love the picture you used for Grabbo

  3. Sure as hell Rowdy ain't sitting with Burke, unless he wants a steel chair laced across his back.

  4. 1 - Mickey Grabs
    2 - Mitchell
    3 - Wallin
    4 - Primeau

    I guess Stajan could hit the wing.